Dan Cunningham is a Fordham alum, and he once ate a grilled cheese sandwich by accident. He also is the writer for Food Fight, often spending tens of minutes coming up with new material. Dan does not work nearly as hard as Jon or Tom but feels he deserves just as much, if not more, credit. Dan is a Virgo and is not looking for anything too serious at the moment but will let you know if his feelings change.

Tom Travers is a big geek who draws a lot. He appreciates Jon Wood making his scratchy pencil drawings look so clean and shiny! He works at a 311 Call Center by day and draws talking pieces of fruit by night. Tom often pauses to reflect on how such a glamorous fate has befallen him…he has yet to come to a satisfying conclusion. Surprisingly enough, Tom did manage to graduate from Fordham just like Jon and Dan.

Jon Wood is tall, wears glasses, and has the sorry misfortune to reside in New Jersey. After narrowly escaping the grasp of Fordham, Jon joined the ranks of alum like his friends Dan and Tom. For Jon, helping color and putting together Food Fight strips by the warmth of the Jersey tire fire is one of the greatest joys he has ever known... besides listening to techno music. Boy, does Jon love that techno music!